ITLS-Spain Chapter

International Trauma Life Support- Spain Chapter

International Trauma Life Support – ITLS is a global, nonprofit, dedicated to the prevention of mortality and disability from traumatic causes, through education and trauma care.

ITLS was founded in 1982 as Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS). BTLS The course started as a local Alabama Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians (American College of Emergency Physicians – ACEP). After years of hard work by volunteer instructors at all levels of emergency medicine, BTLS is accepted internationally as the training course in pre-hospital trauma. In October 2005, and already more than 75 chapters worldwide, BTLS decided to change its name to ITLS (International Trauma Life Support), given the international scope of its recommendations and its training program in trauma.

In the U.S. ITLS courses are approved and sanctioned by the American College of Emergency Physicians – ACEP and the National Association of EMS Physicians – NAEMSP.

In Spain, the ITLS Chapter  is part of the Spanish Society of Emergency Medicine (SEMES) formation programmes, and the courses are accredited by the National Commission on Continuing Education of the National Health System.